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The Money Drop


### Game has 3 languages English, French and Italian. Especially with thousands of questions are updated frequently“This game is phenomenal”“If you were looking for a game to play that's fun and educational this is better than any other game out there”
"THE MONEY DROP" game is educational and highly intellectual. Help you cultivate a lot more knowledge.
"THE MONEY DROP" is attractive games today with difficult questions and challenges. In the game, players try to win with the amount up to 200 million $ by answering multiple choice questions.
Players participating will start the game with the amount received $ 200 million in cash. They would then have to bet all the money in 8 questions. The only way to win money is to correctly answer all eight questions of the program and to put money for each answer that.
Manufacturers will try to game takes place in a natural way, and according to the rules of the game have been popular with players, however in some cases we will have the right to change the law for any reason . In addition, there will be cases beyond control (eg: technical malfunctions).